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Ukrainian restaurant in Kiev you tasty, useful, and inexpensive!

What a huge variety of “cook-shops” there are invented nowadays! They have French, Italian and Oriental cuisine. But sometimes you feel like delicious, useful, rich Ukrainian food that is soft to the stomach and pleasant for the soul. Such dishes are traditional, generous and are offered to visitors of the Taras Bulba restaurant, which is located on a cozy street of Kiev. Here we hospitably invite all those who love to eat, who are used to enjoy food and a good company. Among the many restaurants of Kiev the Taras Bulba is notable not only for the rich menu, but also by the original atmosphere, distinctive decor, a cozy interior.

“Where shall we celebrate a birthday?”

It seems that today this question has lost its relevance. Certainly not! The more restaurants there are, the more difficult it is to choose! We would like to have a “groaning board” of tasty dishes, to make guests feel good and fun, and the hero of the day doesn’t want to “come off the loser”. And if so, welcome to the Taras Bulba, and let’s stop looking for another restaurant for a birthday celebration. The Taras Bulba Ukrainian restaurant has two floors, large balconies and a children's room. The entire interior is decorated in a traditional style, guests immediately get the impression that they are in a large Ukrainian hut of a wealthy owner. This "master" will be able to both feed you, and pour you a glass; he can both amuse the kids and entertain the adults. Such a birth won’t be forgotten for a long time! The Taras Bulba

restaurant’s menu is a separate issue, big enough and very tasty. Other cafes and restaurants are unlikely to offer:

  • a variety of appetizers and salads (vegetables, meat, fish, delicatessen)
  • fish soup and borsch with pasties and pampushkas;
  • vereniks and dumplings;
  • meat and side dishes;
  • alcoholic and children's beverages, broths and fruit drinks;
  • separate children's menu;

Well, what other restaurants of Kiev have such a generous menu! The Taras Bulba is ready to feed all and each to fulfill every whim, and still meet the need for qualitative and tasty leisure.