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Buckwheat pancakes, baked with ham and cheese
150/50 gr.
52   грн.
200 gr.
15   грн.
Carpathian fried eggs with vegetables And ham
200/50 gr.
58   грн.

fried eggs combined with roasted vegetables and ham

Cottage cheese pancakes
38   грн.

with honey/cream/jam

Fried eggs with over easy with chopped green onions
20   грн.
Oatmeal porridge with cinnamon
200 gr.
95   грн.

extras: apples, halved apricot, prunes

170/30/30 gr.
34   грн.

With exstras to your choice: ham,cheese; bunch-onion,tomato

Rice porridge
22   грн.
Stuffed pancakes with cheese and raisins
55   грн.
Toast with ham and cream cheese
150/50 gr.
41   грн.