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Speaking will show you the way to Kiev, says a well-known proverb

A Canadian told how he communicates in Spanish restaurants: he comes in, points at some tempting food on the tables to the waiter with his finger, then he points at himself, and raises one finger up! But does the staff ever wonder how comfortable a stranger feels in a foreign country? Especially if he came to a restaurant to familiarize himself with the cuisine of the country he is travelling in?

The menus in English in restaurants have become the norm. English, as before, holds the palm as a language of international communication, but it shouldn’t be limited to only this language. This is an obvious advantage for the restaurant, but the tourism market has already reached the point where English is not enough.

The presence of menus in two or more foreign languages gives the restaurant an opportunity to feel more confident in the market and to consider a lot more interesting offers. We are proud that the menus of network of the Taras Bulba Tavern are translated into 36 (!!!) languages of the world. We want the visitors of our country to feel that we are waiting for them!

Menus in different languages have another nice "bonus", which is to expand horizons, the opportunity to get to know other cultures and meet interesting people!